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Gino Briscoe for ​Laughlin Justice of ​the Peace

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My name is Gino Briscoe, I am asking ​for your vote to elect me as Laughlin ​Justice of Peace.


I am a retired police sergeant from ​the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police ​Department of 36 years, 22 of those ​years I served the Laughlin ​community.


I am an experienced pro tempor​e judge in Laughlin. I was approve​d and appointed by the Clark Count​y Commissioners March 7, 2023 to b​e a part-time judge​.​


My mission is to help others in all aspects of their ​lives and continue to serve the citizens of Laughlin ​in the upmost professional manner. I will keep a ​fair, firm, and consistent approach in all aspects of ​judicial review and decision making. I will continue ​to volunteer as a community member to help ​others who want to better their lives.

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Gino For Justice

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Since retirement, I have been active in the Colorado ​River, Greenway Heritage trails committee and bec​ome a son of a veteran at Post 60 in Laughlin. I volunt​eer my time weekly to teach Karate at a local church​ in Laughlin, have been selected to judge in ​the Laughlin citizen of the year award, joined ​the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce, and dona​ted more than 100 hours working as a volunteer at ​the Laughlin food b​a​nk.

My passions include my wife of 40 years, Scottie, ​my first daughter, Gina and her two sons, Aiden and ​Finn, my daughter, Sophia, and my son, Conner, and ​his wife, Janelle. I have been training in Karate for ​the last 51 years and believing in physical fitness my ​whole life.

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Professionally, I was approved by Laughlin ​Commissioner Naft to be appointed to the position ​of pro tempore judge, serving the Laughlin ​community as justice of the peace. As I conduct the ​court’s affairs seated on the bench, I do it in a firm, ​fair, and consistent manner so that all who go to ​court have liberty and justice they seek. This allows ​me to continue to help others protect our ​community and hold persons accountable for their ​actions.

Gino Briscoe is proudly endorsed by

the Public Safety Alliance of Nevada, representing nearly ​100 law enforcement organizations and nearly 10,000 ​officers throughout Nevada, and the Clark County ​Prosecutors Association for his 2024 campaign for Justice ​of the Peace, Laughlin Township.

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